Sky Ski Limited Edition LE38

The idea behind this ski from the very start was: Let’s make the absolutely best ski available on the market, so the most advanced riders have the strongest and most high performance equipment they want and need, right out of the box. The Limited Edition has achieved this for more than 5 years running, with the vast majority of high end riders riding it more than all other model or brands combined! This is the model of Sky Ski only the most die-hard Hydrofoilers can appreciate!

The Limited Edition Shock Tower

Like the standard Shock Tower, the Limited Edition Shock Tower is constructed with aircraft quality 6061 plate aluminum, and provides a softer landing for those who are pushing the limits of big air. This is where the comparison ends however, as the Limited Edition has many other features at work. First, the Tower components themselves have been “pocketed”, a process that involves removing much of the weight of the components without sacrificing the strength. It also works by incorporating the use of the Comptech shock under the seat surface, allowing it to compress under load. With the Comptech Shock, the air pressure in the shock can be adjusted to provide more or less compression, as well as the rebound can be quickened or slowed, to further tailor the ride to each individual rider. The LE Shock Tower comes with a durable “hard anodized” finish that won’t chip or peel, seat belt swivels, Sky Ski double locking seatbelt, 2” thick seatpad with Traxx, and ratcheting handles.

What’s the right amount of shock pressure for me?

The amount of air pressure for each rider is determined by his or her weight, speed and skill. These are the three factors that need to be accounted for while determining what air pressure you should use. A good basic formula is to add the three together, (determine your skill by # of feet out of he water you regularly jump the foil) that number should be your starting point for your shock pressure. (For Risse shocks add 25 lbs pressure to that number) Please note the zip-tie on the lower shaft of the shock. This is to be used as a reference as to the maximum amount of compression the Shock Tower was subjected to in your previous ride. If this zip tie is closer than ½ inch from the bottom of the shock you are in need of more air pressure, as the shock is close to bottoming out on max compression. Bottoming out the shock will significantly reduce the life of the shock. (Blown Shocks are NOT covered under warranty)

The Board

The Limited Edition board is made with a high density foam core and premium fiberglass materials, then compression molded for optimum strength, durability & performance. This board also features its own exclusive graphics, and more strength through the use of a carbon fiber strengthening plate that fits between the board & tower.

The Foil

The foil is the main reason the Limited Edition has been so successful over the years. Made with an even higher grade 7000 series aircraft quality aluminum, it has unparalleled strength & performance characteristics! With an effective strut surface area of 37.5”, this t-bar starts out as one huge, solid plate and spends hours in the milling machine before it emerges nearly a work of art. With no joint at the fuselage/strut junction this t-bar is almost half the thickness, allowing it to knife through the water with half the effort. With 2 sets of holes in the front fuselage you can bolt your front wing in “forward”(quicker) or “back”(more stable). It comes with your choice of “Limited Edition” front wing (either Bat, B-flat with or without winglets, or Razor Back) and the Limited Edition rear bat wing. The rear wing is also adjustable through the use of a slider plate, allowing you to loosen the bolts and slide the rear wing forward or back about ¾”.

Der LE38 ist ein High End Hydrofoil für Extrem-Fahrer. Das Hydrofoil ist für hohe Geschwindigkeiten und extreme Höhen ausgelegt. Das T-Bar ist sehr schmall hat scharfe Kanten und ist aus einer ALU-Platte gefräst. Die T-Bar Aufnahme besitzt 3 Schrauben um die enormen Kräfte auf den Tower übertragen zu können. Das Front Wing kann in 2 Positionen montiert werdern, das BAT Rear Wing ist Stufenlos verstellbar. Je nach Geschmack kann zwischen verschiedenen Front Wings gewählt werden (BAT, B-FLAT mit oder ohne Winglets, oder MAX AIR) und zwischen verschiedenen Towers. Ein MAX AIR Front Wing und LE Shock Tower ist jedoch hier zu empfehlen. LE38 kommt standardmässig mit dem LE light Board und titan D-Nuts. Der LE Shock Tower ist mit einem Comptech Stoßdämpfer ausgestattet der sowohl in der Druck- als auch in der Zugstufe verstellbar ist.