Sky Ski B-39

With the Sky Ski Launch model you have now made the jump into the “upper end” model hydrofoils! The Launch features an all new “Soft Tail” seat tower, compression molded board and improved design hydrofoil, including your choice of front wing!

The Soft-Tail Tower

The Soft-Tail seat tower has the best of both worlds, being light and firm like the Rock Tower, while still offering a little compression to soften the landings of those huge jumps and tricks. Its constructed with solid aluminum plate, has a lower structure much like the Rock Tower but also has another seat plate suspended above by rubber compression hinges in the back and a billet aluminum hinge at the front. Total travel is about ¾”. There are 2 versions of this tower, the standard and the Heavy Duty. The standard is suggested for people weighing less than 125lbs, and/or for those who are not performing or attempting to perform the advanced jump, flips or other tricks. The Heavy Duty model is suggested for all those above 125lbs and/or wish to perform or attempt to perform these advanced tricks. Tower also features brushed aluminum look with clear anodize finish, seat belt swivels, 2” thick Seatpad with Traxx surface to to keep you stuck to the seat, the Sky Ski Double locking belt, and ratcheting handles for a sure-grip when tightening the foil in.

The Board

The board is made with a high density foam core and premium fiberglass materials, then compression molded for optimum strength, durability & performance.

The Foil

This foil, also constructed of aircraft quality 6061 Billet aluminum features is the longest t-bar we offer, with an effective strut surface area of 39”. This allows more strut area to perform your “dip” with, which makes catching huge air even easier! This t-bar is the only “adjustable length” t-bar on the market, with 3 sets of holes in the upper strut so you can shorten it (by sliding it further into the tower) if you’re teaching someone, or just not ready to push the limits just yet. It comes with your choice of “Limited Edition” front wing (either Bat, B-flat with or without winglets, or Razor Back) and the Launch rear bat wing.

  • B39 mit Rock Tower, Polished Foil Assembly 2775,- EUR
  • B39 mit Evolution Tower, Polished Foil Assembly 3245,- EUR
  • B39 mit Shock Tower, Polished Foil Assembly 3540,- EUR
  • B39 mit LE Shock Tower, Polished Foil Assembly 4290,- EUR
Der B39 ist für fortgeschrittene Fahrer gedacht die mehr Air Time erleben wollen. Das T-Bar ist länger als bei SS PRO und in 3 Stellungen positionierbar (36" 37,5" 39"). Das Front Wing kann in 2 Positionen montiert werden. Zur Auswahl stehen alle LE38 Front Wings (BAT, B-FLAT mit oder ohne Winglets und MAX AIR). Das Rear Wing hat ein BAT Profil. Je nach Wunsch kann auch zwischen verschiedenen Towers gewählt werden, ein EVO Tower ist hier zu empfehlen. Dieser Tower ist der leichteste gefederte Tower auf dem Markt. Durch diese vielen Einstellmöglichkeiten, kann der Fahrer den Ski auf sein Riding Style einstellen

Monatageanleitung B-39